The Alchemical Egg

The "Ovum Philosophicum," which can be translated as the Philosophical or Alchemical Egg, is the principal vessel used in alchemical operations. During the alchemical process, the material, Hermetically sealed in the Egg, is put through a symbolic death and rebirth. When the Egg was cracked, a new mystical substance emerged which was an elixir that prolonged life and acted as a catalyst capable of improving any substance that it came in contact with. This substance, called the Philosopher's Stone, could change lead into gold and change an ordinary person into an enlightened master.

Robert M Place


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the web site of
Robert M. Place
world renowned Tarot scholar, illustrator, and author,


the designer and author of

The Alchemical Tarot
The Angels Tarot
The Tarot of the Saints
The Buddha Tarot
The Vampire Tarot

and his newest deck

The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery

The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery


Place is also the author of

The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination,
Astrology and Divination
Magic and Alchemy

The Fool's Journey:

The History, Art, & Symbolism of the Tarot


Alchemy and the Tarot



The guest of honor at the Grand Opening of the 2007 Museo dei Tarocchi, Riloa, Italy


The curator of

“The Fool’s Journey: the History and Symbolism of the Tarot,”

the 2010 exhibition, at the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum, Los Angles, California  


And a frequent guest on television, radio, and the Internet


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