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These fine art prints are created on a computer by artist Robert M. Place. Each edition is limited to 1000 signed and numbered copies. They are professional quality inkjet prints on 8.5" by 11" archival 100% cotton rag paper printed at 600 dots per inch. The colors have a rich matte quality and the details are sharp and crisp. Each one is backed with rag mattboard and fits in a standard size frame. They are $30.00 each plus $5 shipping for the first one and $2.00 for each additional one. All prints are shipped flat with a protective plastic covering.





Classical sirens lured sailors into danger. The mermaids of the Celts were similar to the Classical sirens except that they were said to make magical wives with prophetic and curative powers. The Irish story of the mermaid Liban tells of such a marriage between a mermaid and a mortal.
Image size: 7" by 7"

Flower Maiden

The Flower Maiden of the Gwragedd Annwn
According to Welsh legend, in ancient times, there was a door in a rock by the side of a lake. Every New Year's morning the door would be found open. If one dared to enter one would find a passage that led one to an magic island in the center of the lake. On the island lived the Gwragedd Annwn, a fairy folk, who would provide the most exquisite fruits and flowers and entertain their guests with enchanting music.
Image size: 9" by 6.5"

Tara, Center of the World

Tara, Center of the World
This illustration is a World card, the only design for a proposed Celtic Tarot deck that is not yet complete. It appeared on the back cover of the last issue of Gnosis Magazine. In Ireland the sacred center was called Tara. Around the center the four provinces of Ireland, which were curiously called the fifths, were orientated to the four directions. The figure in the center is the Goddess of Sovereignty. Behind and in front of her are the four treasures of Ireland.
Image size: 9.25" by 5.5"

Celtic Rose

Celtic Rose
This illustration of a rose in a Celtic border was originally designed for a Celtic herbal.
Image size: 7.75" by 6.25"

Mary Magdalen

Celtic Maey Magdalen
This is a Celtic version of the illustration of St. Mary Magdalen from The Tarot of the Saints.
Image size: 8.5" by 6"

St. Francis

St. Francis, the Patron of Animals
St. Francis loved nature and animals. Here he is seen displaying his stigmata and preaching to the birds, a greyhound, and a rabbit.
Image size: 8" by 5.25"

St Panacea

St Panacea, Patron of Shepherdesses
St. Panacea, shown with her border collie and a lamb, was a kind and loving shepherdess born in Novara, in Norther Italy, circa 1378. She died as a girl by being stabbed in the back my her evil step-mother. Her step-mother used the girl's own spindle as a weapon and snuck up behind her while Panacea was praying. In some accounts, Panacea was 15 years old when she died; in others she was 5. She is the patron of Shepherds, shepherdesses, and Italy. Her name means "all healing." Her feast day is May 1.
Image size: 8.25" by 6.75"

St. Michael

St. Michael, Champion of Justice
St. Michael is the Chief of the Seven Archangels. In Revelation, Michael led the angles to victory over Satan and personally cast the Prince of Darkness into the Fiery Pit where he confined him for a thousand years. Because of this, St. Michael is the patron of the police, the protector of the sick and the faithful, and called on to save souls from Satan. He is also the patron of grocers, mariners, paratroopers, and the Church. His feast day is September 29.
Image size: 9.5" by 7"


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